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Paris, France

Visiting paris

I've arrived in the beautiful city of Paris, France. In my two day stay here, I will be visiting these three popular tourist sites
Eiffel Tower - this is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel whose compay designed and built the tower.

The Louvre - a museum and historic monument. This where I will see the famous painting of Mona Lisa created by Leonardo da Vinci

Notre Dame de Paris - the Notre Dame is a medieval Catholic Cathedral. Construction started in 1163 and the Cathedral was opened in 1345.

I will be staying at Hotel du Collectionneur. This is a 5 star hotel with a price of $1398 per night - after all this is a trip of a lifetime!

From here I will heading to Berlin, Germany. This flight will be 1 Hour and 40 minutes long and it will cost $217 for this flight.

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Going to Lisbon, Portugal

my visit to portugal

I just arrived in Portugal and I can't wait to start exploring this amazing country. The landscapes are lush and green with stone walls dividing the property lines built centuries ago. Portugal is my favourite place in the world because a lot of my family here.

I am staying at the 5-star Intercontinental Lisbon Hotel. The nightly rate at this 5 star hotel is $198 dollars per night. It is located in central Lisbon. I have decided to spend two days and one night at this hotel.

On my first day in this city, I am planning to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium. The oceanarium is a unique and unforgettable place. It includes two buildings - the original oceans and the new building of the sea. The Oceanarium collaborates with several institutions in scientific research projects, conservation of marine biodiversity and to promote sustainable development of the oceans. There are over 8000 marine creatures and 7 million litres of saltwater.

On my second day in Lisbon I am planning to visit the iconic Padrao dos Descobrimentos monument, which is located on the northern bank of the Tagus River. this is a monument to honour maritime explorers.

from there I will visit the Jeronimos Monastery. This monastery was opened in 1601. Explorer Vasco de Gama is buried here.

From the Monastery I will be heading directly to the airport to catch a 2 1/2 hour flight to Paris, France.

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my stay in mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico

I just landed in Mexico, The flight was nice and short it took three and a half hours to get to here and only cost me 300 dollars. My plans in Mexico is to stay in a nice 5-star resort (Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe) and relax for a couple of days and relive all the stress I have, also If I see an excursion that looks interesting I am going to try it out, Im staying here for 5 days so I got a lot of time.

The resort I am staying at is an all-inclusive resort and its on the beach, Its called the Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe, This resort got really good reviews online and it only cost 303 a night so for 5 days its going to cost me 1515 dollars

Day One Two and Three
The last couple of days was very relaxing and uneventful which is really nice to have sometimes , I mostly stayed on the beach and at the pool enjoying the sun and the music. In the last 3 days I feel like I gain 10 pounds because of how much I ate and drink, the food here is really good and its all you can eat and I probably drink 10 cokes a day, so far im having a great time here.

Day Four
Today I decided to be adventurist and do a excursion, I decided to parasail because I've always wanted try it and its only a 2 hour excursion.
Parasailing was really fun and I didn't expect it to be so quite when your up in there air, you could see everything when you where up in the air it was an amazing site to see.

Day Five
Today is my last day in Mexico and I am very sad to leave but I know there going to be better adventures come up in the near future, Right now I'm on a bus heading to the airport to leave for Europe, I am very excided to go to Portugal.

Its going to take 15 hours to get to get to Portugal and its going to cost me 1,500 dollars.

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Miami here I come

Miami trip starts

I just woke up, its currently 10 am and Im flying out of vancover at 1pm, its going to cost about 441 dollars for a non stop flight and its going to take about 9 hours to get to Miami and I'm flying with American airlines, so I am going to land In Miami at 1am estern standernd time

The things that I am planning to do in Miami is one go to a Miami dolphins game because they are my favorite football team, two is spend a day in one of the most popular beach's in the world (south beach), Three go visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

I just landed and I am on my way to book my hotel for the next 2 days, The hotel I am going to stay at is called Delano South Beach, Its a 5-star hotel and gets really good reviews and it cost about 337 u.s dollar. Tomorrow I am going to the beach for the morning and to a football game in the afternoon.

Its 11 am and I'm heading to the beach for a couple hours, This beach is one of the most beautiful beach's I have ever seen, the water is warm and so clear also the color of the water is something I have never seen before its a very light blue and the sand also is really nice and has a beautiful color to it.
As I was walking along the beach someone ask me if I wanted a helicopter ride to see the beach from the sky, it cost 200$ and I got a really nice view of the beach and the city.

Now I am heading back to the hotel to get all clean up for the game I'm going to watch, Its the Miami dolphins vs the Carolina panthers the ticket cost 134 dollars for the first row, The Sun Life Stadium is huge and really nice, The stadium can fit 76,100 people in it that's how big it is.
The game was amazing and a lot of fun and my seat was probably the best seat in the stadium, The only thing that sucked was that the dolphins lost in over time.

I'm back in the hotel now cleaning everything and putting everything back in my suit case because I'm leaving Miami tomorrow right after I go to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

I just woke up its currently 10 am, its another beautiful day in Miami and I'm heading to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The gardens are really nice but im not enjoying it as much as I thought I would, its something really cool to see but there is to much walking and its a little boring, but I got to make the best out of it because I am leaving Miami in a couple hours.

Now I am Miami International Airport, I already cleared customs and I am just waiting to bored the plane to go Mexico.

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Heading to Vancouver

First day of my dream trip

rain 4 °C

I'm all pack and heading to Pearson airport, The first place I've decided to go was Vancouver,BC its a 5 hour flight and costing me about 900 dollars Canadian, The plane starts boarding at 9 am and we are expected to leave at 9:45, It is currently 8:30 and all my begs are check and I've just cleared customs so now all I have to do is relax till 9 am. They are now telling everyone that the flight has been delayed for an hour so they wont start boarding until 10:30 great... I've just got to my seat and it is really nice Its a window seat and no one is seating beside me, It looks like its going to be a comfortable plane ride, see you when I land.

Day 1
I just arrived in Vancouver, Bc, It is currently 7:30 am in Vancouver and I only got two days to explore all of this beautiful city, First I'm going to go book two nights in the Sylvia Hotel, it costs 190 dollars per night to stay in.

Then I'm going to the Vancouver Aquarium, The Aquarium has many different exhibits such as Discover Rays, Tropic Zone, Canada’s Arctic, Penguin Point, The Wild Coast and many more, The exhibit I am most excided for is the Penguin Point exhibit because penguins have always been my favorite animals and the Aquarium has a rare species of penguins called the African penguins that come for South Africa.

Day 2
I had a really bad sleep last night because of the jetlag it took me really long to fall asleep but I am up now at 11 am and this is my last day in Vancouver so I got to do as much as I can, Right now I am headed to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Its one of the biggest tourist attraction's in Vancouver, The Capilano Suspension Bridge are a bunch of Suspension Bridges that look over nicest places in Vancouver, It looks like a jungle gym in the sky.

Now I am headed to a beautiful restaurant in the heart of Vancouver its called Federico's Supper Club, Its a Italian restaurant that was Awarded Opentable's Top 100 Restaurants in Canada in January 2016 and all the locals say you must visit it if your staying in Vancouver.

The food was great I loved it, I rate it a 10/10 if I come back to Vancouver I'm going back to Federico's Supper Club and now I am in the hotel packing my bags to leave tomorrow to Miami.

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